Friday, July 4, 2008

The America Flyers July 12th 7:00 PM Farnsworth Park, Altadena CA


The American Flyers came to be in the early 1990’s, born of players that had formed strong friendships in a number of different bands in the 1980’s. The flyers have gone through numerous versions since that time with all members maintaining a strong fraternal bond with one another.

The current line up includes founding members Phil Capuano (Drums), and Van Nixholm (original bassist and current rhythm guitarist), Rex Forman (Base Guitar) from the band’s 3rd rendition, and Gene Diorio (Lead Guitar) from our 2nd incarnation and the guy with the greatest performance longevity in the band.

As in the beginning, these guys play together because they enjoy the camaraderie they share and the music they make. The music they enjoy, mostly rock, blues, and country all has some personal attachment to one member or another, whether they are present players or not currently performing. Please enjoy their heartfelt musical offerings. Partners, brothers, and friends.

For series information visit: or call; 626-296-2103

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