Thursday, May 13, 2010

Major improvements to the Amphitheater at Farnsworth Park

The 14th Annual Summer Concerts in Farnsworth Park just became much more comfortable for both the attendees and the artists.

The center section of the amphitheater is the last section to receive all new wood seating. Also, the dirt underneath the seats has been concreted over. It's now much cleaner then ever before.

In addition to the new seating throughout the amphitheater we now have a beautiful, brand new concrete stage for our performers to play on. Equipment set up and tear down will be easier now. Sod will be installed around the perimeter of the new stage.

A big thank you to Angie Calleros (Farnsworth Park Supervisor) and her crew at Farnsworth as well as County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation for a great job!

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writerphotodeb said...

Great improvements!I'll post to my blog