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Altadena Sheriff's Enrolling Youth for VIDA (Vital Intervention Directional Alternatives) Program

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Wednesday July 10, 2013, 4:31 PM

LASD - Altadena Station, Los Angeles County Sheriff

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Community: Altadena Sheriff's Enrolling Youth for VIDA (Vital Intervention Directional Alternatives) Program
In providing the VIDA program, the Altadena Sheriff's Station recognize the importance of offering counseling, family action, community service, physical training, team building, and career guidance to wayward youth in our community. All this is done in an effort to help redirect negative behavior of our youth, who may be tempted to explore gang affiliation, drug use, or crime.

Law enforcement personnel oversee the program and play a major role in the intervention and overall development of the teens. VIDA helps build self-esteem, motivate teens toward success, and aids in breaking the cycle of criminal behavior. For many, successful completion of the program can result in new beginnings, a new outlook, and potentially the establishment of a lifetime of positive influences and contacts. The ultimate goal of the deputies, and others involved, is to work with the youths toward the common goal of establishing a better and brighter future, away from negative influences.

The V.I.D.A. academy focuses on several areas, including healthy living, academic and vocational achievement, truancy reduction, increased literacy, workforce preparation, improving parental relationships, and preventing substance abuse. We also perform home and school visits randomly throughout the week.

"By placing positive influences around our youth, we can help them realize their self-worth, establish goals and avoid gangs, drugs, crime and negative influences," said Captain John Benedict. He added, "We must do our part with our youth, in prevention and intervention, as they are the future of this great community."

How are teens selected?
Teens are referred from:
• Juvenile Courts
• Probation Department
• School District
• Field or School Resource Deputies
• Parents who are struggling to maintain control of their child's negative behavior and request they be accepted into the program

Other participants are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

VIDA Components
There are seven basic components to the VIDA program. Each is designed and structured to identify the negative influences that have resulted in the teen's referral to the program and to help place the teen on the road to success.
• Pre-intake
• Intake Night
• Counseling and Family Action
• Community Service
• Physical training
• Life Skills Workshops
• Career Guidance

Components Functions
Pre–Intake: Detailed discussion of parental responsibility; past, present and future activities of the juvenile; and expectations for successful completion of the program.

Intake Night: Counselors and deputies discuss the harsh reality of incarceration with participants and their parents. This session is informative, emotional, and impactful.

Counseling and Family Action: Ongoing counseling services are provided to the teen and family members throughout the duration of the program.

Community Service: Teens are required to perform 32 hours of community service. "Giving back" is an important part of the program.

Physical Training: Teens are required to perform various physical training tasks, including: sit-ups, push-ups, and light jogging. These activities build self-discipline and teamwork.

Life Skills Workshops: Life skills classes help teens develop their basic personal, social, and academic skills, with the goal of helping them become productive members of society.

Additional Components
Drill: Teens are taught and per from close order marching.

Competitive Games: Teens compete with other VIDA program participants throughout the county to test their skills in drill, physical training, and knowledge of VIDA history.

Graduation: A formal ceremony, where all county participants are recognized for successful completion of the program.

Deputy Dexter Jones is now accepting VIDA Applications at this time. The interested parent or guardian must attend a formal registration. If you know kids and parents who you feel would benefit from the VIDA academy we encourage you to visit our website at We can also be contacted via phone 626-296-2108 or e-mail ALTADENAVIDA@GMAIL.COM

There is a one-time $75 enrollment fee which covers the cost of the participant’s uniform, field-trip expenses, and drug testing. We are located in the Altadena Sheriff station (780 East Altadena Drive, Altadena, CA 91001) our current VIDA site is at Eliot Middle School 2184 N. Lake Avenue, Altadena, CA 91001.
Contact Information:
Altadena Sheriff Station
For full details, view this message on the web.


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