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ALD 7 Crime Blotter for Dec. 18th.

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Wednesday December 28, 2016, 6:58 PM

LASD - Altadena Station, Los Angeles County Sheriff

Jim McDonnell, Sheriff
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Community: Altadena Sheriff's Station Crime Blotter
Sunday, December 18th
12:01 AM – A petty theft from an unlocked vehicle occurred in the 1300 block of Skywood Circle.  Stolen:  battery charger, charging cords, shoes, vitamins and books.
3:20 AM – Omar Cabrera, 22 years old of Pasadena was arrested in the 3200 block of Dabney Avenue for possession of a controlled substance.
5:00 PM – A vehicle burglary occurred in the 2000 block of Meadowbrook Road.  Suspect(s) entered the vehicle by shattering the window.  Stolen:  burgundy backpack, black Kindle and books.
10:00 PM – A vehicle vandalism occurred in the 200 block of E. Alta Loma Drive.  Vehicle damage: scratches and dents.
Monday, December 19th
1:25 PM – A vehicle was reported stolen from the 300 block of Acacia Street.  Vehicle described as a green 1997 Honda Accord.  Vehicle was recovered on 12/20/2016 by LAPD Southwest Division.
8:11 PM – A battery occurred in the 20 block of E. Woodbury Road.  As the victim was walking out of a business the suspect punched the victim in the face for unknown reasons.  Suspect last seen leaving the area in a Dodge Magnum.
Tuesday, December 20th
11:00 AM – A grand theft occurred in the in the 1100 block of E. Altadena Drive.  Stolen: diamond ring.
4:30 PM – A residential burglary occurred in the 2500 block of E. Washington Boulevard.  Suspect(s) entered the residence via unknown means.  Stolen:  currency.
11:15 PM – An assault with a deadly weapon occurred in the area of Mountain View Street and Glenrose Avenue.  Investigation is on-going.
Wednesday, December 21st
1:30 PM – Ariel Franko, 25 years old of Sherman Oaks was arrested in the300 block of Ventura Street for identity theft.
2:35 PM – A package theft occurred in the 1500 block of New York Drive.  Suspect described as a female Black, approximately 25 years old, 5 feet 3 inches, 130 pounds, wearing a white beanie, black long sleeve shirt with pink short sleeve shirt, red pants, white sneakers and a red blanket.  Stolen: package containing a step ladder and storage boxes.
Thursday, December 22nd
2:30 PM – A garage burglary occurred in the 700 block of Neldome Street.  Suspect(s) entered the garage by prying the door frame.  Stolen:  unknown.
4:00 PM – A petty theft from a residence occurred in the 100 block of Figueroa Drive.  Stolen:  ring.
9:00 PM - A petty theft occurred in the 1500 block of Homewood Drive.  Stolen:  vehicle registration and insurance card.
10:00 PM – A petty theft occurred in the 1500 block of Homewood Drive.  Stolen:  golf bag, golf clubs, vehicle keys and house keys.
Friday, December 23rd
9:05 PM – A residential burglary occurred in the 2800 block of Rubio Canyon Road.  Suspect described as a male White or Hispanic, approximately 35 years, 6 feet, medium build, 190 pounds, black hair with slight graying, and wearing dark clothing.  Suspect entered the residence by shattering the glass door.  No items stolen.
Saturday, December 24th
9:50 AM – A vehicle was reported stolen from the 400 block of Figueroa Drive.  Vehicle was recovered the same day.
9:20 PM – A robbery occurred in the 2200 block of Lincoln Avenue.  Suspect described as a male, Black, 6 feet, 170 pounds, wearing a Raider’s beanie, black and gray sweater, and black shorts.  Suspect was armed with a revolver.  Investigation is on-going.

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Sent by LASD - Altadena Station, Los Angeles County Sheriff
780 East Altadena Drive, Altadena, CA 91001
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